Manpower services at India | Top Recruitment Consultants in India


Here is a quick article on who is the provider of best manpower services in India. We have also shared a list of some of the other consultants at last.

For more than 12 years om sai agency has been providing manpower services at India at different job sectors and has become the top recruitment agency in India. We have the top consultants to help you find the right candidate for the job.



Why choose us

Choosing a candidate for a vacant job is really hard work and a time-consuming task. So I would suggest you to instead of going through 100 resumes, go through top 10. Om sai agency will help you sort out all things in a matter of time with their professional talent.


Om Sai Difference

We just don’t pick candidates out of anywhere and send you, we do a thorough background check of each candidate. If we find anything remotely suspicious we don’t allow him/her to sit in the interview. After all, we know how much your company means to you and you would definitely don’t want any criminal sitting with your staff.


Quality Guaranteed

We have a team of expert professionals who recruit for a living and also a pool of applicable candidates who are the perfect fit for the open job positions. Om Sai Group can significantly shorten the whole recruitment process and help you in hiring the best candidate much faster and easier.


Solution for All

Our consultancy services are being provided globally and we have provided many hardworking and talented candidates in different job sectors such as banking, Engineering Services, IT Sector, etc.


Top Job Category in India

We have successfully managed to provide candidates in many different sectors. All our hardworking and talented candidates are getting good packages and has been settled. Send us your resumes if you looking for job in Courier services, Data Processing Services, Engineering Services or IT Sector.


List of 5 Best Companies based in India

We have brought the list of top 5 companies that can help you get a good job with a good package.

  1. Arshit consultancy service
  2. Oceans management service
  3. Om sai consultancy service
  4. HST Staffing solution
  5. Vintage HR Corporate consultants

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When did you establish your business in India?

We have been in business for the last 12 years and providing good and knowledgeable candidates ever since.


2. In which sector do you provide your expertise?

The team of om sai agency provides their expertise in almost every sector and is very famous for providing manpower in India.


Contact us today to get the best manpower service in India for your company. You may visit our website to know more about us, we are the best consultancy service in India. If you are a candidate ad looking for a job send us your resume and we will help you get a good job near you with a good package.